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Handok Hydraulic

Komatsu PC200-6 Cam Rocker

16,000,000 تومان
550,000 تومان
3,500,000 تومان

Doosan DX470-420 Gear pump

Kawasaki K3V112 Main Pump Support

7,000,000 تومان
1,000,000 تومان
1,000,000 تومان

Root Commodity has established a systematic and robust network for connecting stakeholders in the field of day-to-day machinery spare parts vendors to enable product providers and service providers to communicate effectively with their audiences and consumers. Root Commodity Comprehensive Platform is a combination of a large online store of road machinery spare parts products that suppliers can market and sell using their facilities, a specialized social network whose profiles and pages Created, managed and updated by the participants themselves, and a content section called the content section that plays a media role in informing and transferring knowledge and experience. The Rootkala website section of the website has unveiled a new random product that was empty in the spare parts market. This is the creation of a database of available parts goods that allows the consumer to view, compare, select and purchase goods from different brands. Providing them with the opportunity to create their own page to use the site’s capabilities to inform and reach the audience. View contact information, description of activities, create multiple galleries to show projects, follow-up activities, Receiving comments and questions from the audience and being able to respond to them through this space, and the ability to send images links by email or through popular smartphone apps are some of the possibilities